Tamang Village Tour I

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Nagarkot Village Tour I

You walk on the trail to downhill 30-45 minutes and reach Gairi Goan (village). You see rural Tamang Village and agricultural field. You can also drive but walking is thrilling. Villagers grow maize, millet, potatoes, tomatoes, beans, paddy, wheat, pumpkin, long-gourds. They raise Cow, Buffalo, goats and chicken. They grow seasonal vegetables and many of them grown these vegetables organic. The Himalayan range is seen from the village.

Nagarkot Village Tour II

You enjoy Himalayan range view while walking. You can have tea and cookies in Dhanda Goan.

Nagarkot Village Tour II

From Green Valley (which s in Kavre district), you walk along the road (paved road all in Bhaktapur) to Kattike area 20-30 minutes downhill along the forest you see Kathmandu valley and Western Mountain peaks from this area. This point has a small Bazar and it is meeting points of Kathmandu, Bhatapur and Kavre district.

Nagarkot Village Tour III

Further walk along the road to east enjoying view of Himalayan range and farm land in wide valley you reach Sathikuriya in 30 minutes.

Nagarkot Village Tour III

Walking along good motor road (Way to Kunta, the Municipality HQ) towards South East. This walk is gentle and smooth. The first village is Makaibari 30 minutes walk from Green Valley. On the walk you enjoy view of Nagarkot forest, agricultural valley and Himalayan range. You will see enchanting beauty of Mountains, hills and valleys, and their inter connections.

Paragliding Nagarkot

Paragliding at Nagarkot is one of recreational things to do

Paragliding from Nagarkot

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