Nagarkot Village Tour III

Walking along good motor road (Way to Kunta, the Municipality HQ) towards South East. This walk is gentle and smooth. The first village is Makaibari 30 minutes walk from Green Valley. On the walk you enjoy view of Nagarkot forest, agricultural valley and Himalayan range. You will see enchanting beauty of Mountains, hills and valleys, and their inter connections.

If you walk 5-7 minutes off the road to see farmer’s village setting. Ms Sarita Tamang has organic vegetables farm 5 minutes off the road to downhill. Sarita grows cereal grains, raise animals and grow seasonal organic vegetables.

Further walk along the road to east enjoying view of Himalayan range and farm land in wide valley you reach Sathikuriya in 30 minutes. There is Gurung village. Mr Yam Bahaur Gurung is a progressive farmer. His farm is located right on the road. You can see vegetables terraces, fruits and animal in his farm. You can have lunch with organic Vegetables. If you like he can serve you local homemade alcohol. There is plenty of water in villages. But you carry your own drinking water or water purifier for safe drinking.