Near and around Nagarkot

Nagrkot has dense forests around road and settlements.  Nepal Army has Army school and training centers in those areas. It’s safe, peaceful and environmentally friend walking around.  There is a seismic observatory, global positioning geo-reference point set by the Government of Nepal. There is a 360 degree view tower at the top of Nagarkot hill. You can view sunrise and sunset from the tower. This area also receives snowfall during winter and many local people come to play snow in winter. Local people also enjoy this place for picnic.

In addition to scenic beauty, Nagarkot area is also cultural and religious place. There is a Mahadev Temple and a pond. Nagarkot are has been resort for many years (over 100 years). Old King in Kathmandu built summer palaces for recreation. There exist Bhaingeri and Putali Durbar (palaces) inside the army compound. Nepal Army manages these palaces.

On your way back

On the way back you can have different routes.

  • First one is to Shankhu heritage (in Kathmandu) and sali nadi (river) 3 hours and drive back to Kathmandu. You can also walk up to Shankhu and drive back to Kathmandu.
  • Second route is Drive to Bhaktapur 1 hour, sightseeing in Bhaktapur 2-3 hrs, have lunch and drive back to Kathmandu 30 minutes.
  • Third route is drive to Dhulikhel (cultural area) via Bhaktapur for 1.5 hour have sightseeing  (about 3 hours) have lunch and drive back to Kathmandu (1hour) or night stop at Dhulikhel. Green Valley can arrange accommodation and tour programme.
  • Fourth one is walk to Changunarayan (the World Heritage) and proceed to Bhaktapur (4 hours) or Drive back to Nagarkot.